What Should People Expect From Glass Repair in Plainfield?

When the windows of a home become broken, it makes it easier for criminals to access the home. Window damage also lets rain in, which can cause problems. This is why it is imperative homeowners seek Glass Repair in Plainfield. The sooner the glass is repaired; the less likely major damages will occur to the home. Knowing what to expect from the repair process can allow a homeowner to prepare.

The glass repair technician will first need to take some measurements of the broken window so a piece of glass can be cut to perfectly fit inside the pane. Many repair companies have mobile glass cutting stations that they bring with them, so a homeowner does not have to wait for repairs.

After the piece of glass is ready for install, the technician will need to remove the old window putty and broken glass. This may take time, depending on how old the window is. The technician will work to make sure all broken glass is cleaned up and no old putty is left behind in the pane.

Some window repair technicians will remove the entire window to repair a window pane while others may leave the window installed. Either way, the process of placing the new piece of glass is the same.

Once all of the putty has been removed, the window pane will be carefully cleaned with a cleaner that removes any excess residue left behind. This leaves a clean slate for the glass placement.

Once the glass is in place, the putty will be molded and worked around the glass edges and into the pane. Putty keeps the glass airtight so no water or air enter. Putty is placed on both sides of the glass, and then any molding strips that may be needed are put in place. This completes the glass repair and ensures the window will be protective for the home once again.

Homeowners in need of glass repair can learn more by visiting Bolingbrookglass.net. They can repair all types of glass and also offer custom glass design and installation. Contact them today to get started on scheduling your appointment.

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