What To Ask When Contacting Drainage Contractors

If you need a company to help replace water lines or have foundation drain issues, you may need to talk to several local drainage contractors. Choose more than one – preferably three, in or around Bremerton WA to talk to about your specific problem. By discussing the situation with them and asking specific questions, you can find the right contractor at the best possible price for the job.

What to Ask

When emailing or talking directly to representatives of each company, it is important to have a list of questions at hand. This allows you to assess each candidate using the same criteria. Among the questions you should ask each of the local drainage contractors, are the following:

Level of Experience: How much experience does your company have in addressing the specific requirements of this type of job?
Degree of Expertise: Does our company have accredited skill to perform this type of work?
Licensure: Does your company have the right licenses and accreditation to perform this work legally in Bremerton WA?
Insurance: Does your company have insurance? If so, what specific types and what is the extent of the coverage?
Associations: What professional associations does your company belong to? Do you have a Better Business Bureau Rating?
Estimates: Do you provide written cost-estimates? What factors go into your estimates?

You should also check out the company website. Follow up on any references the site provides. Be thorough in your research on the company now as it can save you disappointment and money later.

Drainage Contractors

Unfortunately, the contracting industry still contains some sub-par offerings. In order to locate the most suitable contractors for your work, you need to research carefully not one, but several drainage contractors. By doing so, you can weed out the acceptable applicants from the rest, leaving only the best to perform your work in Bremerton WA.

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