What to do Before Consulting an Attorney About Your Joliet Car Accident

While you should consult a Joliet personal injury attorney as soon after your auto accident as possible, there are other important steps to take first. The things you must do right after your accident will benefit you in filing a claim, but those steps will also help an attorney evaluate your case. During the initial consultation, a lawyer will try to determine the strength and value of your case and providing more evidence will help them give you a more accurate assessment.

Collect Evidence

While you wait for the police to arrive, you should start collecting evidence at the scene of the accident. This should involve collecting the names and contact information from the other drivers, passengers, and witnesses. You should also collect insurance information from the other drivers. Be sure to use your phone’s camera to get pictures of the vehicle damages.

Get a Copy of the Police Report

You should make sure you provide a statement to the police. This will ensure your version of the accident makes it into the official report. Once the police conclude their investigation, be sure to request a copy of the police report. This will help you and your lawyer in filing an accurate claim.

Undergo a Medical Exam

Even if you feel fine, you should get checked out by a doctor. This will help identify medical issues that may not be exhibiting symptoms. It will also help your Joliet personal injury attorney prove your claim for damages. Without medical records, your lawyer won’t be able to accurately assess the value of your case.

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