What to do if you are a car accident victim

Perhaps one of the most important things that a victim in a car accident is to ensure the police are called and document the accident. In almost every jurisdiction the police will dispatch an officer to the scene, the officer is responsible for interviewing those involved and reporting details as he or she sees them. Another important thing to accomplish is to contact your insurance company, giving the agent all the details of the accident. If you have not received serious injuries it may prove valuable in the future if you can get statements from anyone who witnessed the accident and as many pictures as you can from all different perspectives. If there is reason to believe that you may have to sue for damages then you must contact a car accident lawyer in Clifton NJ as well.

There is no doubt that having the police prepare an independent report is extremely important. If you can call the police to the scene then do so, the investigating officer will make an accurate report of the incident. Make sure you get a copy of the report, if this is not possible at the scene then visit the police department later to get a copy of the report. The accident report is a crucial document when you file for compensation or if you end up having to sue for compensation.

You need to contact the insurance company that insures your vehicle. The insurance company will want complete details of the accident; the time and date and information of where the accident happened. No doubt your insurance company will want details of the driver of the other vehicle as well as all passengers in both cars. This is information that your insurance company will want regardless of who was at fault. While at the scene do not fail to get the drivers license information and insurance information from the other driver.

Photographs taken at the scene can prove very helpful as evidence tends to degrade quite quickly. Take photos of the vehicles from all points of view as well as note the road conditions at the time.

If the other driver was at fault you deserve complete compensation for any injuries as well as compensation for the damages to your vehicle. If your injuries were such that you feel they are worth additional compensation you can sue for pain and suffering but to do this you will need to hire a car accident lawyer in Clifton NJ.

If you have been the victim in a car accident which was no fault of your own then you may wish to sue for damages. If this is the case you will need a car accident lawyer in Clifton NJ, you are invited to discuss your case with Bagolie Friedman Injury Lawyers.

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