What to Expect at Pediatrician Appointments in North Charleston SC

Our job as parents is ensuring our child’s health and well-being. Receiving consistent preventive care is a crucial part in keeping them healthy. Many parents are unsure how often and when their baby should visit their pediatrician, or what they should expect during pediatric appointments in North Charleston SC.

First Pediatrician Appointment

During the first year of life, children need well-child visits quite often. This is the time they change and grow the fastest. Prior to giving birth, consider visiting your child’s pediatrician. This is a good time to discuss circumcision, feeding, and other concerns you may have.

How Often Pediatrician Appointments Happen in First Year

The first pediatric appointment in North Charleston SC will happen about two or three days after they are discharged from hospital following their birth. For parents with an older child, some pediatricians delay this first appointment until the baby is 1-2 weeks old. During this first year of life, a baby visits their pediatrician six times.

  • Between two days and one month
  • 2 months
  • 4 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 1 year

What to Expect at Each Pediatrician Appointment in North Charleston SC

At each pediatrician appointment in North Charleston SC, expect the doctor to perform a complete physical examination. This exam involves an assessment of your baby’s growth and development, which includes, weight, height, and head circumference. At these appointments, your pediatrician conducts a number of tests. They test temperature, hearing, vision, reflexes, respiratory and heart health, and make other health assessments. Several of these visits, especially early on, include vaccinations which are routine.

Discuss Concerns with Your Pediatrician

Expect your pediatrician to go over your baby’s sleeping patterns, and nutrition and feeding. They will discuss with you different safety concerns and infections going around in your community. To ensure you are getting the most from these pediatrician appointments in Charleston SC, write any questions or concerns you may have ahead of time in a notebook and bring it with you to the visit. This ensures you remember to present these to your pediatrician at the time of visit. When it comes to health screening, there are some specific ones which vary from state to state, be sure to discuss with your doctor what health screenings are best for your child.

When leaving your appointment, be sure to schedule your child’s next visit. Be sure to always have your pediatrician’s number handy, knowing they care about your child’s well-being.

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