What To Expect At Your First Marijuana Dispensary Visit

Visiting a marijuana dispensary in Pueblo for the first time can feel daunting or cause anxiety. You’ve probably never purchased medical cannabis before and may worry about the stigma associated with it. You may also worry about your safety or fear that you are going to be judged upon entering. Thankfully, none of these things happen anymore, as doctors and scientists have proven that medical cannabis is a valid treatment for many conditions.

Getting Approved

The first step is to be approved for medical marijuana use. To do so in Pueblo, you must register as a patient with the MMCC. You may also be able to apply as a non- Pueblo resident if you receive treatment for an approved condition in the state. Minor patients can also apply to be a patient but must get approved through a caregiver.

You must also get written certification from a registered provider and pay any applicable fees before being allowed to visit a marijuana dispensary. While optional, it can be beneficial to apply for an MMCC ID card, as well.

Choose the Dispensary

The next step is to research dispensaries in your area and choose one based on your needs, such as location, strain/product types, helpful staff, and more. You may also want to choose places that offer online menu boards so you can find what you need online before shopping in the store.

What to Bring

You must bring your state-issued photo ID with you. You aren’t required to have an MMCC card, but if you do order one, you should bring it, as well. Many dispensaries operate on a cash-only basis; you may want to call ahead to find out about yours.

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