What to Expect From an Animal Clinic in Yorktown NY

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Veterinarians

Being a pet owner comes with a big responsibility, because it’s up to you to ensure that your pet is safe, healthy and happy. Part of owning a pet includes providing adequate medical care when it’s needed. With the many clinics and vet offices available, it might get difficult to decide which Animal Clinic in Yorktown NY to choose. Knowing what to expect from a reputable veterinarian can narrow down your search.

A Qualified Staff

In addition to board certified veterinarians, many animal clinics in Yorktown, New York also have a friendly, knowledgeable front-office staff that’s able to answer any questions you have. Some of the animal clinics have more than one veterinarian on staff, and many of the veterinarians in Yorktown have been practising for several years, which only adds to their credibility.

A Variety of Services

Yorktown animal clinics offer a variety of services including immunizations and wound care. Some facilities are equipped with ultrasound equipment and might also have an in-house laboratory, which makes it possible to provide an instant diagnosis. Some facilities even provide a mobile vet service during which a veterinarian comes to your house to treat your pet companion. This is ideal if your pet is afraid or too sick to go outside.

Hospital Stays and Emergencies

When looking for an Animal Clinic in Yorktown NY, check whether they have an on-site hospital that can keep the animals overnight in case surgery is needed. Clinics, such as Croton Animal Hospital, provide hospital stays and even post their hospital policies online at website URL. Animal hospitals are generally open most days of the week, and if you have an after-hours emergency, they can provide the address of a 24-hour, full-service urgent-care facility.

Insurance and Payments

Veterinarians in Yorktown accept a variety of pet insurances. When choosing a clinic, make sure that they accept your pet insurance. If you don’t have pet insurance, inquire they accept your preferred payment method. Of course it also doesn’t hurt to ask whether they offer specific discounts or reduced rate services.


Even if it takes a little while to find a good veterinarian, in the long run it’s well worth your effort. Knowing that you pet has access to a caring, professional staff and a wide range of medical services can give you peace of mind. Additionally, it’s also nice to know that with insurance, his care won’t break your budget.

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