What To Expect From an Auto Body Paint Shop in Richmond VA

Road debris and fender benders can cause unsightly scratches and dings in car paint. If they are left untreated, these dings can lead to paint chipping and rust. Because of this, it’s important to handle the problem as quickly as possible to minimize project and labor costs. Below, readers can learn how paint pros handle dings and make cars look like new.

Paint Prep Work

An Auto Body Paint Shop Richmond VA starts the process by readying the area that will be painted. Prep work involves sanding the area around the scratch to provide a good surface for the adhesion of paint. For a small scratch, this is often accomplished with fine grit sandpaper, but a grinder or a sandblaster can be used. After sanding, special cleaners are used to strip away contaminants.

Matching Factory Paint

Many who try to do their own car paint repairs become disappointed when they try to find a retail paint that matches the factory color. While reliance on retail products can limit the DIYer’s options, professional shops have no limitations. Most garages use paint mixing techniques that allow for precise matching, eliminating the possibility that a scratch will continue to be visible.

Painting Over Dings in Car Paint

Once the paint color is properly prepared, Bruce’s Super Body Shops will start the painting process. First, a layer of primer is applied. Second, the painter uses an air gun to gently spray the new coat of paint onto the vehicle’s surface. Air gun use is preferable to hand-painting because the tool delivers an even, thin coat of paint. For small dents and scratches, multiple layers of auto paint are needed for adequate coverage. Once the paint layer is dry, clear coat paint is put on to protect the color underneath, and to improve the overall shine.

A minor scratch, scuff, ding or dent can take some of the shine off of an otherwise great-looking car. By learning what to expect during the auto painting process, drivers can make a good choice in an Auto Body Paint Shop Richmond VA-;and they can ensure that they get just the repairs they need. View website for more info.

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