What To Expect From Commercial AC Repair In Phoenix

In Florida, commercial property owners must manage their air conditioning units properly to avoid common issues. The employers must mitigate risks that are related to OSHA and EPA regulations. The services may include mold remediation and the removal of dangerous substances in the ventilation system. A local contractor conducts commercial AC repair in Phoenix for all commercial property owners.

Seasonal Cleaning Services

The contractors conduct seasonal cleaning services to remove all dust and dirt from the unit. The exterior units are also cleaned to remove leaves and other debris that accumulated in the unit during the winter. All pet hair is removed from the fan and surrounding components.

Testing the Components

All components are tested for top performance levels. The contractor determines if any of the components are failing and presenting serious issues. Typically, if a component fails, the surrounding components work overtime to compensate. In turn, the system works harder and draws more power and increases utility costs. Any components that are failing are replaced to restore full operational strength.

Inspecting the Ventilation for Allergens and Hazards

The ventilation system is inspected for common allergens and hazards. In commercial properties, OSHA regulations require the employer to mitigate risks associated with occupational diseases. Asbestos could fall into the ventilation system and exposure all workers to the dangerous materials. Any pathogens found in the ventilation systems are removed, and the ventilation system is cleaned properly. If mold is discovered, the contract follows EPA regulations for removing the substance.

Total Unit Replacements

If the unit cannot be repaired, the contractor will recommend a complete replacement of the air conditioner. All units that meet the voltage and wiring requirements are presented to the property owner. The contractor provides a full estimate for the service.

In Phoenix, commercial property owners review annual requirements that could affect how their air conditioner operates. Maintenance demands must be completed, too. The contractors clean out the systems and test the ventilation systems for common debris that could be hazardous. Major components are also tested for top-notch performance levels. Property owners who want to learn more about Commercial AC Repair in Phoenix can contact us for more information today.

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