What to Expect From Creditor Meeting After Filing Chapter 7

Usually, after you file your Aurora Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you will be required to attend a meeting of your creditors. Generally, it will take place approximately 21 days after you file and will not exceed 40 days after the original filing. You will be informed that it is mandatory to attend this meeting and if you do not your bankruptcy filing will be dismissed by the judge. Knowing what to expect in your creditor meeting can definitely give you an advantage if you want to have your debts discharged. This meeting will usually take place in a regular room in the courthouse and not in a traditional courtroom. This will be a public meeting and will usually be attended by other people who are there for the same purpose.

Attendees of the Meeting

The person that you name as your trustee for your Chapter 7 will actually preside over the meeting. The creditors themselves usually will not show up at the meetings because they are not mandated to be there. If you have property that is owned by a creditor, they may show up to find out the location of the property, but this also is a rare occurrence. If you have a home mortgage the creditor will show up to find out if you intend to keep the home or what kind of arrangements you want to make to relinquish ownership of the home. Credit card companies may attend to find out if you intend on paying off the debt incurred on your card.

What You Should Bring

There are certain documents that you need to have in your possession when going to the creditor meeting. A photo id and a social security card are two of the most important documents to have. If you do not have these documents, then you will not be able to attend the meeting and it will have to be rescheduled. Your Aurora Chapter 7 Bankruptcy trustee will inform you of any additional documents, such as property deeds or tax returns, that you will need to bring to the meeting. A Chapter 7 filing is a hard process and this is just one of those things that you will have to make your way through to get to the other side of this issue. Read More on website.

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