What to Expect From Your First Meeting With a Mequon, WI Divorce Attorney

If you are the point in your marriage where you’re considering divorce, it’s time to make a consultation appointment with one of the many Divorce attorneys Mequon WI has to offer. For most individuals, a divorce attorney is the first experience they will have with any attorney, so it can take them by surprise. By taking advantage of the initial consultation most attorneys offer, you can find out where you stand in the situation. You can discover what steps you need to take next and how you should proceed.

Many individuals fear talking with an attorney and often are afraid to even give their name or phone number. However, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Keep in mind everything you tell anyone in the firm will be kept in the strictest of confidences. In fact, many divorce attorneys Mequon WI will not even talk with you if you withhold your name for fear of breaking client confidentiality agreements.

While most people would like to have their consultation over the phone, in most cases, it’s simply not possible to take care of all the details that way. Instead, you should plan on a half hour consultation with an attorney in their offices. Many local attorneys now offer evening and weekend hours to accommodate the busy schedules of their clients. Another point to keep in mind is just because you make an appointment to talk with an attorney to does not obligate you to use their services nor does it commit you to go through with the divorce. It’s a fact-finding mission and you’re simply getting more information. In fact, in many cases attorneys have been known to connect marriage counselors with their clients, leading to reconciliations, so you just never know.

There is no must have list to take with you to your appointment with the attorney, although bank statements and paycheck stubs can be helpful. Additionally, if you have proof of infidelity or other incriminating evidence, it is good to take it along with you. However, many people go in empty handed with nothing but a note pad to record their impressions and important points on. So, don’t feel like you must go in with a laptop ready to take steno notes. Go in with an open-mind and be prepared to listen to what they have to say.
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