What To Expect With Laser Removal In Prince Georges County

In the summer time you can shave practically everyday so that you can get into shorts and tank tops but shaving a lot can produce unwanted skin irritations. There is an alternative for shaving and that is with Laser Removal Prince Georges County. Using a precision laser to pinpoint the hair follicle while keeping the surrounding area free from damage or irritation is how the laser gets rid of unwanted hair.

Imagine a summer where you don’t have to shave or wax your unwanted hair? That is what the benefits are of laser removal. Each follicle is zapped at a lightening speed so that even down to the hair follicle the hair is removed. In most cases, depending on the clients that are most apt for the procedure to succeed, hair is removed permanently. In less then a minute you will get rid of unwanted lip hair and in under an hour larger areas, like the legs, can be treated with the laser.

To get the best experience in your Laser Hair Removal MD procedure, you want to refrain for at least a week from any normal shaving, waxing, plucking or any other applications you use to get rid of unwanted hair. While the lightening speed laser does get down into the follicle, the technician needs something to grab the hair from the root. The longer the hair the better the removal process and success rate.

The procedure of the laser removal can be compared to a body part falling asleep and having the sensation of a lot of prickling needles over the affected area. There are topical solutions that can be applied no more than 30 minutes before a procedure to lessen the sensation while numbing the skin and will quickly wear off from 1 to 2 hours after application.

While anyone can go in for a laser hair removal process, not every skin type is a good candidate for lasting results. Lighter complexion skin with darker hair follicles are the best candidates as you can imagine for when the technicians needs to view exactly where the follicles are located. Also, a candidate is best suited for permanent affects if the body has stopped going through major changes. Such body changes as menopause or getting pregnant can change the makeup in the follicle productions and increase hair growth.

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