What to Know About a CT Transformer

There is always going to be a need to change out and upgrade components of your system. Yet, when you make such changes, it is very important for you to know what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what type of transformer is best for your needs. You may come across the need to replace or upgrade your CT transformer, for example. There are a few things to know about this transformer before you make the changes.

When Are They Used?

The CT transformer is sometimes called a current transformer. This is a device that is used to produce a current – but it is an alternating current in its secondary. However, it will have a current that is proportional to the AC current. Though this may seem confusing, the goal is to ensure that the right component is being used to move electrical current. This is nothing you can guess at if you need to make a repair.

Finding What You Need for the Upgrade

In situations where you need to replace this transformer, there are a few things to keep in mind. Most importantly, you want to purchase from a company capable of producing or selling you the exact system you need. There are plenty of versions out there, but even a small difference in the design or capacity of the system can be a problem in the long term.

To avoid this type of risk, locate a manufacturer and distributor with exactly what you need. The CT transformer is a vital component in the operation of your system. If you do not have the right system in hand, it could mean problems for you down the road including some key types of safety risks. Look for a manufacturer to help ensure you get exactly what you need.

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