What to Know About General Liability Insurance for Business in Hialeah, FL

When people own a business, they have to take a lot of risks. However, they can get general liability insurance for business in Hialeah, FL to mitigate their risks. This type of general liability insurance policy will cover situations where there is an accident on the property, as a lawsuit can be costly. Without this insurance, one lawsuit can threaten the survival of the business. For these reasons, people call on the best insurance companies, such as Del Toro Insurance, for a general liability insurance quote.

The Purpose of General Liability Insurance

Business owners choose general liability insurance for business in Hialeah, FL to protect themselves from claims by their customers and clients when they suffer bodily injury or property damage. In general, this insurance is designed to cover any costs that are associated with legal action or medical bills that come from an injury or damage to the client or customer. In addition, this insurance can cover legal defense costs, settlements, and any court awards. Without general liability insurance, business owners will have to pay these costs, which can cause them to go bankrupt.

What General Liability Insurance Covers

Business owners can choose the general liability insurance for business in Hialeah, FL that is best for their needs. The coverage depends on what they choose, but there are five typical categories that are covered. These include bodily injury, property damage, medical expenses, personal or advertisement injury, and products or complete operations. Although Florida businesses aren’t required to have this insurance, it is wise for people to protect their businesses in this way.

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