What to Know about Installing an Undermount Sink

One of the most important aspects of remodeling is installing an undermount sink. Installers choose undermount kitchen sink mounting brackets for this process because they are easy to use and allow for quick installation. The brackets are independently adjustable, so they can make sure that any sink sits correctly and water will flow in the correct direction.

The Installation

When homeowners choose an undermount sink, it needs to be connected to the under-surface of a countertop. This is different from a top-mounted sink that sits on the surface. Homeowners often choose marble or granite for installing an undermount sink because these materials provide stronger support than other materials. There are different methods, such as clips that require drilling or two-part epoxy, as well as sink bracket kits that are easy and safe. Professional installers can complete the job with a precise finish that looks great.

Simple Installation Steps

There are simple steps for installing an undermount sink using quick and easy brackets. First, the installers will cut the correctly sized hole in the countertop. They will have a sink template to cut the right size, and then they add epoxy to the edges of the sink. Next, they place the sink on the underside and center it. Then, they attach the sink mount brackets to the sink and the base cabinet, and they adjust them until the sink is level. The next step is to clean any caulk or epoxy that shows and let the epoxy dry for 24 hours to make sure that it is completely dry. Finally, once it is dry, the countertop can be turned over and installed over the cabinets.

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