What to know about windscreen repair

Windscreens are liable to break because they are made of glass. Glass is a very fragile material which breaks easily. It can also get chipped if a loose rock flies up off the road. That’s why a good quality windscreen is very important.

You want a windscreen that is strong enough to keep the structural integrity of the car in a crash, you want one that prevents things flying out or flying in during driving, you want one that won’t shatter in a crash, and you want one that won’t interfere with the functioning of the air bag but that’s just half the job. Finding the right windscreen is important and so is finding the right specialist to fix it.

What to look for in a windscreen specialist

You want someone who specialises in automotive glass, which is very different to the glass found in windows of houses and buildings. This glass is produced using a special process which involves tempering and laminating. Find a specialist that readily offers one year warranty on workmanship and materials used.

Most windscreen specialists will be able to fix or replace a windscreen in less than an hour. They will be able to come out to your place of residence and work to fix the windscreen – without the need for you to drive to their shop, as this could be dangerous with a broken windscreen.

Remember, though, that once the windscreen is repaired, you may need to wait an hour before driving the car. This is to make sure the windscreen sets and doesn’t fall out while you drive. Make sure the windscreen repair service is familiar with your car manufacturer’s particular requirements and make sure he follows the instructions carefully when fitting your windscreen.

Windscreen maintenance

You can reduce the amount of times you need to have your windscreen repaired or replaced by following these maintenance tips.

1. Get the windscreen checked regularly for cracks and chips. Small cracks are easy to repair but can become big cracks if you ignore them. This could require replacing the entire glass, so nip it in the bud early.

2. Drive slowly and carefully on dirt roads or roads with loose rocks. Dirt tracks are a particular hazard for drivers because rocks fly everywhere and can potentially hit the windscreen. Even on roads that look paved, a stray rock can be flicked up from the wheel of another vehicle and hit your windscreen. So drive carefully and slowly so that this doesn’t happen.

3. Clean with non-abrasive cloth and glass cleaner only. If you use a hard abrasive cloth to clean your glass, then this might scratch it. But if you use a soft cloth, with special cleaner made for glass, then this shouldn’t be a problem.


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