What to Look for in Ad Agencies

Hiring an advertising agency typically means a commitment at least for a period of time. Having to stay committed for a longer period of time of course means that it will cost more money to have an ad agency work for the company. That means that before any ad agency is hired, a person or business owner must do their due diligence in determining which ad agency is the best fit for the company and which one will deliver the best results. There are a few things to look for that can help narrow down the choices of potential candidates.


The first thing to look for when exploring ad agencies in Los Angeles is their experience. A person or business owner should find out how long the ad agency has been in business and how many clients they have worked for. It is not just limited to the ad agency either. A person or business owner should check the experience level of the agent or agents who will deal specifically with the account.

Companies and agents often list their company or career achievements. If a company or agent has been recognized as one of the leaders or best in their category, then it shows that other groups have recognized their work. Awards are not just limited to the company either. There are also awards for ad campaigns, commercials, etc. These awards are very hard to achieve.


Another thing to consider when choosing an ad agency is whether or not they specialize in advertising for a category that is complementary to the business. Some print ad agencies are very specialized. Some may focus primarily on things like sports marketing while others may focus on consumer goods. There is a wide range of specialties so choosing one that focuses on a specialty that is closely related to the business is always a good thing.

Supplier Connections

A third thing to check into when trying to determine which ad agency to go with is their connection to suppliers. What is meant by this is how many connections do they have for media ad block buying? An ad agency that has the ability to purchase large blocks of advertising space for their clients can often do so at a much cheaper rate than the standard advertising rate. These savings can then be passed onto the customer.

There are, of course many other things to consider when trying to determine which ad agency to go with. These are definitely the ones that everyone should check out at the very least. Above all else though, an ad agency should only be hired if the client feels comfortable.

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