What You Need to Know About Quartz Countertops Before Deciding Which Is Best for You

Quartz countertops in Gig Harbor are both practical and beautiful. They are popular because they’re extremely durable and it is easy to maintain the surface, compared to other materials such as natural stone. When you understand more about quartz countertops and visit your local expert fabricator and installer, you will be much closer to making a great decision to improve and upgrade your home.

Your Starting Point

You can spend hours searching the Internet to look at a wide variety of quartz countertops in Gig Harbor, but only by stepping into the showroom of a professional natural stone company will you be able to see and feel the beauty and quality of the product.

Although quartz has only been available for the past 50 years, the current models are virtually indestructible. They are made by combining quartz particles with resins and making them into the shape of a slab, like granite or marble.

As technology rapidly improves, the highest grades of quartz countertops in Gig Harbor are currently available. You can choose from an incredible list of colors and combinations to provide you with a dramatic effect for your kitchen, bathroom, or bar area. A variety of edge styles will ensure that you cannot easily damage your quartz countertops.

Maintaining Your Quartz Countertops

Although these countertops are virtually all ground quartz, they are bound together with polymer resins and pigments which produce the hard slab that requires less maintenance than marble or granite.

Users of knives in the kitchen will be pleased to know that is difficult to scratch a quartz countertop or cause any damage to the working area. Choosing your quartz countertop before designing the remainder of your kitchen is an excellent idea because you can then choose colors and designs that complement your final choices.

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