What you Need to Know about Self-publishing

Every author needs to know about self-publishing – the way to eliminate the endless submissions to agent after agent, publisher after publisher; the crushing rejections and the worry that your writing isn’t good enough to get published. What every author doesn’t know is how to self publish a book. Here are some things you need to know about self-publishing.

You keep the profits

When you approach a publisher, they’re keen to cut a deal, if they decide to publish your book. You’ll usually lose the rights to your content and only receive royalties from the sales of your book. With self publishing, you’ll keep all the profits from sales and retain the rights to your work – it’s a win-win situation!

Marketing isn’t all that hard

With social media and online advertising, marketing your book when you self-publish isn’t very hard work. Bear in mind that many publishers expect unknown authors to do their own marketing anyway, so you’re not adding to your workload by self-publishing. It just takes a bit of determination and the will to succeed!

Be aware of formats

If you’re self-publishing, think about what formats you’d like to go for. You can choose from hardcover or softcover books in a range of styles, or perhaps you’re interesting in adding an e-book? Many authors like to publish an e-book alongside printed copies, to maximize their readership.

It costs less than you might think

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to self-publish your book, as you’re in control of the number of copies and the budget. There are printing companies in Asia who specialize in printing for self-publishers, and they can often offer a great deal compared to companies in the US. Using an experienced print broker in your own country is a great way to ensure you are benefitting from their knowledge and relationships with reputable printers who will do your job right and ensure top quality results.

There are no contracts

Without a contract with an agent or publisher, you’re free to come and go as you please – no three book deal or set amount of time to amend your work! You can write as and when you please and set your own schedule, publishing your book when you are ready and making adjustments without interference from anyone else. Of course, it’s still a good idea to ask trusted friends and family for their impartial advice when it comes to publishing time!

There’s no need to wait around for rejection letters from agents. Take your future into your own hands and explore the world of self-publishing today!

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