What You Receive with Stock Transfer Services

As a shareholder, it’s important to obtain professional services when managing your stocks and performing transactions. You need to find professionals who are trained and follow SEC and STA regulations to protect yourself. It’s also important to know what you’ll receive when obtaining stock transfer services.

Dividend Disbursement

Stock transfer services allow you to obtain payments of cash dividends with a check that is mailed to your address. The dividends can be funded on the day that they’re placed in the mail. Payments can also be made through stock transfer agents for added convenience with the approval of the client. The individual can provide instructions on how the agent can make the specific payment.

Administrative Services

Stock transfer services include administrative tasks and duties that are performed. The administrative services include lost shareholder research, proxy solicitation and tabulation for routine meetings, administering employee stock purchase plans for companies and an exchange agent. The support efforts of dividend reinvestment plans are also included. They prepare shareholder listings and labels, respond to phone calls and communicate lost or recovered certificates to the Securities Information Center.

Account maintenance is also included in the services with the shareholder’s records. All W-8 and W-9 forms are mailed to the client. The company can code the shareholder’s accounts for direct deposit as well. Shareholders can even expect to receive detailed year-end tax information.


Reliable stock transfer services provide a high level of confidentiality with information that is protected and is never released without authorization. The shareholders must confirm their identity to the company before any information is provided. All information that is included in mailings is secured with the use of protective envelopes.

If you’re looking to obtain the help of a professional company with your stocks, visit the Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc. website to learn more about how we can help.

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