What You Should Know About Norco Help In Navarre, FL

In Florida, prescription pain medications have become a serious issue among addicts. The patients aren’t monitored properly in all cases. Doctors are prone to prescribe the medications without determining if the patient has a history of addiction. In some instances, the doctors are enablers for the addict. A local clinic provides norco help in Navarre FL for patients who have become addicted.

What is Norco?

Norco is a prescription pain medication that is prescribed for pain management purposes. However, the controlled substance is manufactured with acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Patients who abuse the medication experience a sudden high according to how much of the drug they take.

Facts About Norco Addiction

Patients that abuse Norco faces extreme difficulties when trying to quit. The medication alters the pleasure sensors in the brain and makes it hard to stop taking it. Anyone who makes the conscious choice to quit needs professional help to achieve a successful recovery.

Norco addicts have a family history of mental illness or addiction. It is likely that the patient sustained an injury for which the drug was prescribed. Additional risks of abuse include existing alcohol abuse and easy access to the medication through physicians.

What are the Symptoms of Addiction?

Borrowing and stealing the drug from family members or friends is a sign of addiction. Sudden withdrawal from loved ones, constant lying, and secrecy are signs of an addiction, too. The patient experiences drowsiness, slurred speech, poor coordination, irregular sleep patterns, and unexplained changes in appetite. The individual exhibits poor judgment, impaired memory, and an inability to remain focused.

Patients who stop taking the medication exhibit signs of agitation and hostility. They could become a danger to others and themselves. If the patient doesn’t seek help, an overdose is most likely fatal and untreatable in some cases.

In Florida, prescription pain medication addiction has become a widespread problem. It is a common cause of fatal accidents, too. The pain medication, Norco has become a heavily prescribed medication that leads to addiction. Patients who need Norco Help in Navarre FL are encouraged to Browse Kolbeclinic.com for further details about scheduling an appointment and entering into a program today.

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