What You’ll Need to Install Unilock Pavers at Your Hartford CT Home

If you ever walked down a walkway or an outside patio at a friend’s home that has interlocking tile work, you’re probably looking at the handiwork of unilock pavers. These stones are extremely popular because of the flexibility you have in their design, as well as the ease of installation. However, if you’re looking to try your hand at Unilock Pavers Hartford CT, there are a few things you want to keep in mind when starting out on this type of project.

The first thing is that doing this project isn’t difficult, but it does take some very specific planning that you have to be very attentive of. First of all, the equipment you’ll need to do the job is a shovel, a level, preferably a bubble level, and you’ll also need gravel.

Once you have these tools in place, you need to measure the space that you’re going to put the unilock pavers down on, whether it’s a sidewalk or a patio. Once you have the square footage, you need to purchase your pavers and remember to purchase at least 10% over to account for any errors in measurements or any damaged pavers that you may have (or damage yourself) in the process of installation.

Lastly, and most importantly, before you install the unilock pavers in Hartford CT, you need to prepare the area where the pavers are going to be put in place. You need to ensure that there is a slope for proper drainage. The slope doesn’t have to be significant, but you can ill afford to allow pavers to sit in standing water for very long. Because of how these pavers are installed, having them sit in standing water can loosen the pavers and they can shift, thus ruining the uniformity of the sidewalk or patio on which you’ve installed the pavers.

If you’re looking to install unilock pavers, you’ll want to look to a company like Dunning Sand for all of your pavers and gravel needs. With a wide range different pavers to choose from, as well as the exact type of gravel needed for the installation of the pavers, there are few places that are better equipped to get you the material you’ll need to successfully install pavers on your walkways or your patio.

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