What’s best, an area rug or wall to wall carpeting?

The choice between an area rug and wall to wall carpeting in Reno NV will usually involve taking into account the needs of the space, the activities in the space and your family. As any carpet or rug purchase can involve considerable expense it is always best to thoroughly research all the options before you decide. Of course with one option you are faced with permanence and with the other the option of exchangeability it is important to take into account the traffic patterns, matching décor and your budget; each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Wall to wall carpeting is complimentary to many color schemes and décor styles as it is available in a range of neutral colors such as gray, cream, tan, etc. These carpets can stand up to a lot of abuse as many manufacturers treat it with a stain resistant coating; kids and their pets can track in the mud with little problem. If the sub floor is cement or quite uneven, wall to wall carpet is ideal as it can mask many imperfections.

These are all positive points but wall to wall carpeting may not be the best choice for some people. Even though carpet can be vacuumed frequently and professionally cleaned periodically it still has the tendency to harbor more allergens; pet dander for example can be very difficult to eliminate as can pet hair, this provides a perfect environment for the establishment of dust mites.

If your design dreams include a swatch of bright color or a very intricate pattern then nothing will fulfill these dreams better than an area rug. Area rugs are available in literally thousands of designs and color combinations. When you opt for an area rug it also gives you a perfect opportunity to reflect seasonal changes; you may want to use warm browns and reds during the winter months and lighter, airier colors during the summer. Area rugs can also be moved from one room to another to change the mood of any room.

If your home as beautiful hardwood, bamboo or cork floors an area rug is a fabulous compliment. When you have permanent floors such as this covering them is often not an option that the homeowner wishes to pursue. Although wall to wall carpeting in Reno NV is better at absorbing sound and is warm, area rugs are ideal for defining spaces.

Many homes take advantage of both, a beautiful area rug over a fine Berber carpet can be a striking choice.

When you shop at Functional Designs you are offered a wide array of both wall to wall carpeting in Reno NV as well as area rugs. Regardless of what you have in mind you will find it at Functional Designs.

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