When and Why You Should Consider Seeing a Foot Doctor in Chicago

If you experience foot pain, you might elevate it or take medications for relief. After trying various methods at home with no success, a visit to a doctor could be needed. Here are some reasons why you might want to go ahead and make an appointment.


One of the most common reasons to see a Foot doctor in South Side Chicago is because you have pain in your foot that doesn’t get better. This could be the result of wearing the wrong shoes, moving your foot the wrong way, or an infection that’s developed that you don’t know about. The doctor will usually take X-rays to look at the inside of the foot before determining the best type of treatment.

Nail Infections

An ingrown toenail can cause severe pain and can lead to an infection if it’s not treated. A foot doctor in South Side Chicago can clip the nail to remove the area that’s ingrown. If it continues to grow back, then the doctor could perform a surgical procedure to remove more of the nail and to prevent an infection from spreading through the toe or the foot.


If there’s an issue with the nerves in your feet, then you could experience numbness or tingling. This issue could be a result of a pinched nerve, because you’ve stood on your feet for an extended period of time, or because you have another medical condition not related to your feet, such as diabetes. Proper treatment is needed as numbness could lead to falling if you’re unable to feel your feet while standing or walking. Learn more about when to visit a foot doctor by contacting Mitchell Foot & Ankle today.

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