When Considering a Cosmetic Dentist Redding Patients Should Begin With a Consultaton

Cosmetic dentistry includes several different processes. These process include, but are not limited to, teeth whitening, bonding, veneers, and implants. Cosmetic processes are intended to improve the patient’s appearance, rather than to improve function. Other cosmetic processes include gum lifts, which reshapes the gum line, and bite reclamation procedures that repair teeth worn down grinding.

Most people have heard the adage about first impressions – there’s only one chance to make one. One of the first things we notice about others is their smile, and if a person’s smile is marked by discolored or missing teeth, it can detract from any other aspect of their personal appearance or even their personality. For that reason, more people than ever are seeking the services of a cosmetic dentist.

Some patients receive referrals from their general dentists who have recommended a procedure to improve a patient’s appearance or to improve function. Other patients find success with dentists referred by friends or relatives, or those who have undergone similar treatments.

When selecting a Cosmetic Dentist Redding patients should take several factors into consideration. Patients interested in cosmetic procedures often consider prices before any other criteria. Unfortunately, doing so does not give the patient a complete impression of the dentist’s strengths and ability. When considering a Cosmetic Dentist Redding patients should consult with more than one dentist. A consultation should include a full exam, after which the dentist will provide a thorough explanation of the suggested procedures.

During the consultation process, the patient should ask to see photos of other clients, preferably before and after photos, as a way to gauge past succsses with similar cases. Other considerations should include the technologies the dentist uses , including imaging technology, lasers and other treatment technologies, and access to new developments in cosmetic procedures.

When reviewing their choices for a Cosmetic Dentist Redding patients should also ask about patient comfort issues. Along with typical anesthetics and sedation methods, many cosmetic dentists offer music and video to distract the patient during procedures.
Finally, when a patient is satisfied with type of procedures a dentist provides and the quality of care he or she will receive, the costs of a procedure should be reviewed. The dentist or his representative should explain all applicable costs, any insurance benefits that can be applied, and any financing options that are available.

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