When Is It Time for Someone to Hire an Employment Lawyer for Their Case?

Employers are responsible for making sure that everyone is treated right in the workplace. When employers do things that are illegal or unethical, it hurts everyone in the workplace. That is why many people choose to hire an employment attorney in Mobile, AL. There are several reasons you should hire an employment lawyer.

You Have Been Terminated for an Illegal Reason

The state of Alabama allows employers to fire people for almost any reason. However, there are state and federal laws that protect you from discrimination in the workplace. Employers are not allowed to make employment decisions based on race, religion, age, color or sex. If you believe that an employer fired you for an illegal reason, then you should hire an attorney.

You Have Been Harassed by Your Boss

Employers are supposed to treat everyone with respect. That is why harassment is not only unethical, but it is also illegal. Harassment can take many different forms. Harassment can be classified as physical, power or sexual. Physical attacks, threats and property destruction are examples of physical harassment.

Making excessive demands and intruding into an employee’s personal life are things that can be classified as power harassment. Examples of sexual harassment include making sexual comments, invading personal space and inappropriate touching.

It is important to note that cyberbullying is another form of harassment. If your employer is spreading false information about you online or sending harassing messages to you, then they are cyberbullying you.

Your Boss Is Denying You Benefits

If you are a full-time employee, then you may be entitled to certain benefits. This includes things such as health insurance, paid time off and workers compensation benefits. Your benefits should be listed in your employee contract. If you are being denied the benefits you are entitled to, then you will need an attorney.

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