When Should My Septic Tank be Emptied?

If you own a house without municipal or city water and sewer, you are accustomed to the idea of a sewer tank in your yard somewhere. The area above the tank will usually be lush and the grass will grow well above the tank. There are reasons for that. What you don’t ever want to see is raw sewage in the yard or your toilets and sinks backing up into the house. This means you may need to perform septic systems maintenance in Anne Arundel County, MD.

When you begin to see problems with your septic system, it may be too late. Usually when the system starts to overflow, you need to act quickly. The idea that raw sewage is coming into your house and yard is enough to get most people on the phone with a company to get some immediate help. The help offered by the company will be expensive but necessary. Once you get to that point where it is overflowing, a simple pumping will probably not fix the problem. The tank will need to be replaced and the system cleaned. It may just be a simple clog which can usually be detected with the equipment the company will have. This can be a lengthy process and because the system is large, can be expensive. In order to avoid this you should practice septic systems maintenance in Anne Arundel County, MD as a monthly routine.

You can use additives on a monthly basis to help you with the maintenance of a septic system. Many times this type of preventative care will keep the system in better condition. You still need to schedule a yearly check-up and be sure to schedule the pumping as necessary. There is no reason to get the point of having sewage in your yard when there are companies available to keep the schedule for you and will come to your house when you are on their calendar. By keeping up with the yearly and bi-yearly maintenance, you can save a lot of money on replacing the system or even having to deal with an overflowing system. The monthly additives are a great way to keep the bacteria working and keep the tank healthy in spite of anything you may put into it. When you have a large family or a busy household, these additives can help ensure that the tank isn’t damaged.


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