When Should One Opt For Sedation Dentistry?

Perhaps we’ve all seen that someone who never seems to stop fidgeting while sitting in the dentist’s chair, wincing at every movement of the dentist. Now there is a solution for these kinds of people.

Enter sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is a practice where patients about to undergo dental procedures are given anesthetic in order to calm them down or for to allow the patient to endure a lengthy procedure. The intensity of the sedation varies according to the requirements.

So when should one ask the dentist for sedation?


Some people carry with them into the dentist’s room an abject fear of sitting in The Chair. This is known as a phobia and it is almost uncontrollable and, in some cases, may render the procedure entirely impossible since oral procedures require the patient to be as still as possible as the dentist deftly goes about his work. Sedation may help to allow the operation to be completed with minimal drama.


While some people do not have dental phobia, they are sensitive to what is going on inside their mouths. Whether it is a bad gag reflex or sensitive teeth, these individuals exhibit excessive reflexive actions like flinches, jerks and gags which may make it difficult for the dentist to complete the procedure. In this case, the dentist may suggest sedation to curb these reflexive reactions in order to allow for the completion of the procedure.

A Long Procedure

When the dental operation is going to take a few hours to perform, it may become quite a challenge to remain in that position for the entire duration. Sedation is an option open to such patients. With increasing intensity of sedation is high enough, patients not only feel more relaxed but may also be drowsy. Enough sedation may even allow patients to fall asleep. Before they know it, the procedure is already over.

When the need arises, patients may consult their dentist regarding the sedation options available to them. The dental center Cascades offers such an option for their patients. For the full range of sedation options and more information regarding them, drop by their website at Cascadesdental.com. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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