When to Do It Yourself or Hire Professional AC Repair In Pensacola

Air conditioning can be a real lifesaver when the temperature heats up outside. However, when your air conditioner isn’t working as it should, you either need to find a way to fix it yourself or contact the professionals for help. In many cases, you need the help of the professionals for AC repair in Pensacola, though there may be some aspects of repair you can complete on your own before calling them.

Check the Manual

If you have the manual for your AC model, check in the troubleshooting area of the manual for possible ways to resolve the problem. You may also be able to find your manual online if you no longer have the original. Either way, these manuals can sometimes help you through minor repairs that can save you money over the professional help you would otherwise require. Even if you can’t manage to make the repair, it can be helpful to try.


Sometimes you don’t need AC repair after all. In some cases, all your unit needs is a good cleaning. All you need to do is unplug your main AC unit and remove the cover. Once you have taken the cover off, you may notice a lot of dust or debris present within the unit. Carefully cleaning out this dust and debris may be enough to get your AC unit operating more efficiently than it had been. It is always useful to attempt to clean it before contacting the professionals for repair.

Call for Major Repairs

Even though it is nice to think you can fix your AC unit on your own when the repairs are minor or it needs a simple cleaning, your unit can still encounter the need for major repairs. Major repairs of your AC unit are often too complicated for the average homeowner, making it critical to make use of an AC repair company in Pensacola to complete these repairs for the best results.

While many homeowners prefer to do their own AC repairs to save money, it isn’t always feasible. If you are typically someone who likes to do it yourself, you can check the manual for troubleshooting tips or attempt to clean the inside of the unit on your own to see if you can make a difference. However, if these attempts don’t work or the repairs are major, it is best to hire the professionals to ensure the repair is done properly without causing more damage. Visit Peaden, INC for more details.

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