When to Hire an Exterminator in San Diego

Now that spring is here, those annoying pests such as insects and rodents are making a reappearance. What point does it become time to call an exterminator San Diego? That depends on how much a homeowner can live with, making it really a matter of personal preference. That is for normal pests, the ones that are dangerous and hard to get rid of such as bed bugs or termites should be handled professionally.

Knowing about the pest control company and how it works is necessary, because the exterminator will be in the house, and in personal belongings trying to get rid of the problem. Always ask about the company’s license, training received, and how long they have been in business. It is also to find out if the company has a background screening process. There is a newer approach to pest management called integrated pest management, which focuses more on how the pests are getting into the property and less on using chemicals. The company hired should be using this new method for a more successful resolution to the problem.

There are certain types of pest that should be handled professionally, especially if they pose a significant risk to safety and health. Bed bugs are annoying nuisances that may not be considered dangerous, but they can pose a health risk and hard to get rid of completely. Terminates are not dangerous to health, but they eat wood and damage the structural integrity of a home if left untreated. Some dangerous pests that need to be treated for by an exterminator San Diego, specifically in homes with small children or elderly people, are brown recluse spiders and its relative the Black Widow spider because they are venomous and can infest a home rather quickly.

If concerned, do not hesitate to have a home inspected and get an estimate, because usually this is provided free by pest management companies. Exterminators also have at least two types of contracts, so ask for the one that best fit your needs. The first type includes no charge to retreat for same pest if it returns, and the other type does the same but will pay for structural damage if pest returns. If pests are a constant problem, Exterminators do provide a service with quarterly treatments.

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