When to Replace Bathroom Cabinets in Stuart, Florida Instead of Making Repairs

Bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in modern homes, and some of the most frequently used. This leads to a good deal of wear and tear, which is often exacerbated by the fact that bathrooms tend to be more humid than other areas of the home. This can place a lot of stress on wood fixtures such as bathroom cabinets.

When they notice that it’s time to do something about old, worn, or outdated bathroom cabinets Stuart, Florida homeowners have two options. They can repair their old cabinets, or they can replace them with new ones. Read on to find out when it just makes more sense to look into buying new.

Warped Wood

If they notice signs of warping in their bathroom cabinets Stuart, Florida residents should be aware that their cabinets are likely suffering from water damage. This may be due to a leak, an overflowing toilet, or simply the passage of time in a moisture-rich environment. No matter why these cabinets are becoming warped, it’s almost always better to simply replace them with new ones as making repairs is often less cost-efficient in the long run when this much damage has already occurred.

Noticeable Discoloration may be less noticeable than warped wood, but it can be equally unappealing as far as aesthetics go. By upgrading to new bathroom cabinets Stuart, Florida homeowners can restore their bathrooms to a bright, fresh state, making them feel more welcoming and less dingy.

Soft Wood

If the cabinets are soft to the touch, they’ve already undergone some serious water damage. Soft spots are nearly impossible to repair and usually indicate that the cabinets are on the verge of completely falling apart. Don’t put off replacing them.

Mold and Mildew

If there’s a musty smell in the bathroom, it very well may be coming from its cabinets. Inspect them to look for signs of mold growth immediately, as both mold and mildew can cause potentially serious health problems. If there are any gray or black spots on the cabinets, have them torn out and replaced with a new set by a dedicated company such as Jay’s Floors And More, Inc as soon as possible.

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