When to Wear Your Business Embroidered Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are a great way to dress in a business casual style. Even if your business often requires business attire, dressing down on occasion is sometimes allowed depending on the company. If your company uses dress-down days for any reason, you may want an embroidered polo shirt that can fit the dress code. If your company provides the shirts with the company logo on it, wearing it to work for these types of days may be expected.

Some companies allow you to wear business casual attire every Friday, one Friday a month or possibly less frequently. This is a great time to wear something a little more comfortable and relaxed while you work. In some cases, a company may use this type of day as a fundraiser by charging a small fee to be able to dress more casually. If you have a polo shirt with the company logo, this can be a great item to wear for these occasions.

Another great opportunity to wear your embroidered polo shirt is to the company picnic or other casual company event. When you are spending time with your coworkers, supervisors and bosses outside of work, you may still want to attach yourself to the company in some way. If you have a shirt embroidered with the company logo, this can be a good choice for these events. You will be showing people you are proud to be a part of this organization.

Just because the shirt bears your company logo doesn’t mean that is the only use for it. Whether you are relaxing on vacation or just running errands around town, wearing a shirt with your company logo can serve as free advertising for your company. It will also show you have pride in your company, which can help spread a positive impression of your company. While you are out, people may even ask you about your company.

If you have an embroidered polo shirt that bears your company’s logo on it, you will have plenty of opportunities to wear it proudly. You can wear it to work when you have business casual days instead of having to dress in your normal business attire. If you have a business function to attend that allows for casual attire, your polo shirt can be your best option. However, you don’t have to limit its use to business functions; you can wear it any time.

Embroidered Polo Shirt
Embroidered Polo Shirt

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