When Would You Need Dental Sealants in Coralville?

by | Jan 9, 2024 | General

Sealants are a protective covering applied to the biting surfaces of teeth with deep crevices. This coating protects the teeth from decay caused by food particles and bacteria trapped within those crevices. Dental sealants are a preventive measure that can save you from undergoing extensive treatments later. However, not everyone needs sealants applied to their teeth.

So, when would you need dental sealants in Coralville?


Children, especially those with newly erupted permanent molars, are more likely to need dental sealants. The chewing surfaces of molars are often rough, with depressions and grooves, which make them vulnerable to bacteria and cavities. Children usually have problems remembering to practice dental hygiene procedures, so they are more prone to dental cavities.

Adults with Fissured Teeth

For individuals with deeper crevices in their teeth, dental sealants applied at The Family Dental Center also come highly recommended. As tooth enamel wears down, deep crevices are likely to develop, allowing bacteria to accumulate and causing cavities. Dental sealants protect teeth and significantly reduce the overall risk of tooth decay.

Patients with a High Risk of Tooth Decay

People with poor dental hygiene practices, diabetes, dry mouth, and other medical issues affecting saliva quality may also need dental sealants. When brushing and flossing are not enough, sealants act as a barrier that keeps harmful bacteria from penetrating the deep crevices of teeth.

Patients with Dental Fillings

Dental sealants in Coralville can be used over existing dental fillings to protect the remaining tooth structure. These sealants prevent further decay by keeping food particles and bacteria from penetrating the natural tooth structure.

Patients with an Orthodontic Treatment

Dental sealants can protect your vulnerable teeth from further damage if you are undergoing an orthodontic treatment. With braces, it can be challenging to clean your teeth effectively, and the braces can also trap food particles that can damage your teeth over time.

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