When Your Freedom Is at Stake, You Need an Experienced Criminal Litigation Lawyer in Cincinnati, OH

White-collar crime is where the really big money is. Someone can hold up a bank, leave with a few thousand dollars and find themselves facing many long years in jail. Holding up a convenience store can net the robber far less money. Bernie Madoff’s thefts from investors totaled $65 billion. Securities fraud has been involved in the largest cases of white-collar crime.

What is not always considered are the costs to society of white-collar crime. It’s estimated that the U.S. loses more than $400 billion each year. The average business loses 6% in annual revenue to fraud committed by employees.

Who Commits White Collar Crimes?

A typical white-collar criminal is the man or woman next door. They may have found themselves in a financial bind and committed the first crime, often telling themselves that they would put the money back. Ultimately, the hole that they dig for themselves is too deep to climb out of and it collapses on top of them.

• College-educated white men commit 75% of white-collar crimes.

• As can be expected, those with the most access commit the most crimes. Managers commit four times as many crimes as other employees. Executives steal 16 times as much as regular employees.

• Small organizations suffer the worst losses. They typically don’t have the security procedures in place that protect large corporations.

There are three general areas in which fraud occurs. Assets belonging to the business are misappropriated, fraudulent statements are prepared to cover up the crime or bribery and corruption are present.

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights
When someone has been arrested for a white-collar crime, this may be the first time that they have ever been in legal jeopardy. The first thing that they should do is to contact an experienced criminal litigation lawyer in Cincinnati, OH. Every American has Constitutional rights that must be respected. One of those primary rights is the right against self-incrimination. That means that it isn’t the job of a defendant to do the work of the police or the prosecutor. Don’t answer questions until a lawyer is present.

When your freedom is at risk, protect your rights by consulting an experienced criminal litigation lawyer in Cincinnati, OH. The attorneys at Engel and Martin have over 25 years of combined experience in the defense and investigation of white-collar crimes.

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