When Your Ohio Showroom Floors Need a Facelift: Expoxy Flooring Solutions

Showroom floors are an important part of your Ohio business. If your floors look terrible, it reflects poorly on your business. If your floors need a facelift, consider epoxy flooring services in Ohio. Here are some ways in which these services can improve how your showroom floors look.

Smooth and Glossy

The first part of any great epoxy resurfacing service is to smooth out the bumps in your showroom floor. A special type of floor sander is used to smooth out the existing floor. Then it is lightly buffed to a glossy shine if you just want it to remain bare and as-is. If you want to change the color or appearance in a dramatic way, the flooring expert from your chosen epoxy flooring services in Ohio can add any number of epoxy coatings and layers.

Colors, Patterns, and More

Epoxy flooring options are many. If you have a car dealership showroom floor, you can make the floor look like raceway flags. If you have a bathroom showroom floor, you can make the floor look like expensive marble. There are so many assorted colors too, including gray, black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, etc. Even Ohioan daycares can get in on the fun by using multiple colors to create a checkerboard floor. Ask your epoxy flooring expert for examples of past floors done and samples of flooring options.

Getting Started on Your Floor Resurfacing Project

When you are ready to start this project, contact American Clean and Seal. They are the premier provider of swimming pool resurfacing and epoxy flooring services in Ohio and the nearby areas.

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