Where You Get Your Automotive Repair on White Oak Is Up To YOU

You start your day with a drive to work. The morning looks great and the traffic is going smoothly and out of nowhere your day is ruined with a jarring CRASH. You find yourself in an accident. You first make sure that everyone is OK, trade information, give any information you can to the police that come to the scene and call your boss to tell them you are going to be late getting to work, if you even can get into work that is. If your car can’t be driven, then you should get it towed to an Automotive Repair on White Oak shop, to get the repairs started.

When you call your insurance company about the accident, they may try to request that you get several estimates so they can approve of the lowest cost one. You should know that the law says that you ARE NOT REQUIRED TO GET MULTIPLE ESTIMATES. Any Automotive Repair on White Oak shop can give a low estimate by not including everything and later adding things once they are approved to do the repairs. Most of the time the lowest estimate is not the best one to take. It is just your insurance company trying to spend less on your repairs.

Don’t let anyone, including your insurance company tell you where to have your repairs done. Pennsylvania has great consumer protection laws that say you as the owner of the car has the right to say where your car repairs are to be done. You have the right to take your car to the shop that you have confidence in, so you know you will get your car fixed just right.

When you choose Simonetta’s Collision and Car Care Center, you will know that you are going to the best Automotive Repair on White Oak facility. It is a place that prides themselves on only providing the very best collision repairs possible. The use the latest technology to provide you with quality framework, alignment, glass repairs and painting for your collision repairs. Their technicians are both I-Car and ASE certified so you know they will restore your car to manufacturer’s specifications.

Remember at the end of the day you have to live with the quality of repairs you get after an accident, so pick the Automotive Repair on White Oak shop that you know will do the job right the very first time.

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