Which Current Transformer Manufacturing Company Should You Choose?

Current transformers (CTs) are used in a wide range of industrial applications today. They can sense current and provide valuable overcurrent protection to circuits and electrical devices. Choosing the best source for your CTs is an important business decision and here are some tips for finding the right current transformer manufacturing company.

Direct Purchases

With some manufacturers, you must buy your CTs through an authorized distributor. If your regular supplier can furnish you with high-quality CTs at affordable prices, this may be the best choice. However, it is usually better to buy directly from the transformer manufacturing company.

When you buy from the manufacturer, you can save on costs. A distributor must buy products from manufacturers or other sources. The materials have to be marked up so the distributor can make a profit. In some cases, your current transformer may pass through several hands before you receive it, and this raises your costs significantly.


When you buy CTs from just any transformer manufacturing company, you may not get the quality and expertise you get from a company specializing in current transformers. They can give you the most selections and the highest quality because this is all they do.


The best CT manufacturers have many years in the business. Look for a company with many decades of experience. They know and understand what you need for your company.

Custom Made Transformers

Your applications may not be standard or typical and “off the shelf” current transformers may not get the job done. Look for a CT manufacturer offering “made to order” service. They have experienced designers who can create the perfect transformer with the right size and ratings.


The best manufacturers have excellent tech support and customer service. They can answer all your questions and help you get what you need. This saves you money, time, and hassles.

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