Which Diamond Cuts Are Best for Engagement Rings?

When you go shopping for diamonds, you’ll want to keep the four Cs in mind. We are talking about color, cut, clarity and carat weight. The cut is one of the most important features to look for and technically it doesn’t refer to the shape of the stone. Let’s take a closer look at cut and shape to help you choose the possible best engagement ring in New Jersey.


The shape is the easiest thing to understand. For example, some stones are round, square, heart-shaped, pear-shaped to name a few. The shape of your stone is very important but if you want a lot of sparkle or bling, you need to consider the cut.


If you were to look at a diamond just taken from the mine, you would not see a great deal of sparkle or shine. The way each stone is cut is the determining factor for how it will reflect light. So which is the most popular cut of all the diamonds in the world? It is the round brilliant cut.

What Does Round Brilliant Cut Mean?

A round brilliant cut stone has a round top and the side view is cone-like. If you look closely at a cut stone you will see several flat surfaces, each one is designed to reflect light. These surfaces are known as “facets”. The round brilliant cut is designed to produce a total of 58 facets all over each stone. When you want something with as much sparkle as possible this is the best cut to choose for an engagement ring in New Jersey.

Grading Cuts

As you check out a diamond certificate you will see what kind of cut it has received. For example, you may notice:

  • Ideal
  • Good
  • Very good
  • Poor or fair

This gives you an idea of the kind of sparkle and fire you get in an engagement ring.

Cushion Cuts

Cushion-cut diamonds are very popular these days. They are available in brilliant and modified brilliant. Both cuts are square and have the most distinct personalities.

Princess Cuts

The princess stone is square and fiery and you should choose a stone that is as square as possible for maximum brilliance.

Emerald Cuts

The emerald cut stone is not about brilliance but its unique “hall of mirrors” reflective qualities.

Radiant Cuts

If you like the princess shape but want something more unique, look at some radiant cut diamonds.


Asscher cuts combine the square shape of the princess with the unique brilliance of emerald-cut stones.

With so many shapes in which to choose, it’s best to talk to a diamonds expert about your needs. He or she is there to help you find the perfect engagement ring designed to last forever. To know more visit Lincroft Village Jewelers online or call them today.

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