Which Inflatable Towable Is Right for You?

Do you know how to pick the right towable tubes for boating? There are actually many questions you should ask so you choose the right towables for family and friends. Do the people on your towable want to sit or lay down? The answers to your questions will influence the types of towables you purchase. You can find fun and affordable towables from companies like WOW World of Watersports. They have a good selection that guarantees hours of fun on the water.

Do Riders Want to Lay Down or Sit?

A flat or deck-style tube is better for people that want to lay flat while riding. You will find that towable tubes come in many shapes and sizes and typically hold one to four riders. Designs are fairly simple and easy to inflate. Riders will find them fun to ride on while boat drivers find them easy to balance and tow. This is all due to a great design. You may also want to invest in a fun towable that has multiple handles. If your riders prefer to sit, then a cockpit or couch style tube is more suitable. You will be able to offer a safe and comfortable ride that’s more relaxing and takes less effort when it comes to holding on.

Tube Towing Rope Is Important

When you get ready to tube, and you’ve already purchased the perfect towable from WOW World of Watersports, you need to be sure that you are using the right type of rope. Tube towing rope is a smart choice since it has benefits over ski ropes. Length is the first benefit and strength is the second. You want to be sure that the rides you are giving on the water are safe so everyone has a fantastic time, this is especially true if you are towing multiple riders.

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