Who are Oil and Gas Investors?

When we think of an oil and gas investor we tend to picture either corrupt business men sitting in an ill lit smoky room plotting foreign wars, or Saudi Princes living in opulence in the Middle East. This is part of the problem with having your perceptions shaped so much by media. The honest truth is that a lot of oil and gas investors are not fabulously wealthy people, but instead people who’ve bought small shares into companies involved in oil and gas. To be an oil and gas investor you don’t need millions of dollars or a hereditary inheritance, all you need is a bit of money and the patience to research your options. The honest truth is that a lot of people can become oil and gas investors at a reasonable price and see good returns on investment.

Investment of any sort is about risk management. Despite the depictions of oil and gas investors trying to manipulate the world to bring about better prices on their resources, the average oil and gas investor is a person who owns shares in those companies. Even their owners tend to be smaller businesses more often than massive multi-national corporations. The actual field of oil and gas is actually pretty open to middle class investment and can be a very effective way to build towards your own retirement or future. While oil and gas investors are investing into a relatively profitable market, any potential investor does need to keep in mind that there is no sure thing when it comes to investing. No matter how profitable a market as a whole might be you need to pay attention and look for a good firm to invest into because people have gone out of business in profitable fields.

To provide an example, a lot of restaurants go out of business, this is despite the fact that lots of people eat out every night and the restaurant industry as a whole is profitable. While the connection between a restaurateur and an oil and gas investor might not be immediately apparent, what matters is that both industries are very profitable, but both have firms that go out of business due to lack of revenue. Care and caution are important, if you’re investing directly into the well look at the documentation and see what you can learn; educate yourself on the field a bit. If you’re investing through a firm then make sure they’re willing to tell you about their successes and failures. No one will have a 100% success rate and sometimes a well won’t gather as much as planned. However, if they’re willing to be honest about it that should tell you that they’ve had enough big successes to make up for it.

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