Who Benefits From Dental Implants?

Loosing teeth is not uncommon. This has occurred for centuries. Trauma, poor dental hygiene, disease and genetics have always taken their toll. What has changed in places such as Wrigleyville is the way we now address the problem. Once teeth loss was considered normal. The problem was merely ignored. Later, dentures became the answer. This was a positive step forward but could not address the loss of a single tooth. Today, whether you lose one or several teeth, dentists now have a solution – dental implants in Wrigleyville.

Defining Dental Implants

Essentially, a dental implant is a three-part procedure. It consists of

  1. A Post: This looks like a screw and acts like a tooth root. Usually made from titanium or an alloy, it is fitted securely into your jawbone by your dentist in Wrigleyville.

  2. The Abutment: This is the connecting component upon which the dentist will place the crown.

  3. The Crown or Restoration: This is the covering that acts like a tooth.

The process is not performed in a single day but occurs over several weeks. The initial phase is the longest. You must wait until the post actually fuses with your bone to create a stable and secure base.

Dental Implants: Who Benefits?

Dental implants can prove to be beneficial in certain situations. Your dentist in Wrigleyville, may suggest implants if:

  • You have damaged or lost one tooth

  • It is a better option than either a partial denture or bridge

  • Require extra support for a fixed bridge

  • You are looking for a permanent solution to missing teeth

  • Your dentist believes this is a means of making sure the teeth on either side of the missing one do not shift over creating further misalignment and the potential for other dental issues

In addition, dental implants in Wrigleyville will provides natural appearing teeth making the ability to smile that much easier.

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