Who to Call for Elevator Repair in Washington, DC

When a company specializing in Elevator Repair Washington DC comes out to inspect the car and other elevator components, a property owner may have no idea of what to expect. The technician carries out some tasks, including inspecting the interior and exterior of the car. However, this is only a small part of the service. The pit, top of the car, and machine room are also included in the process. What steps are taken when the machine room is visited by this technician?

Examination of the Components

The technician examines all components found in the machine room to determine if there is any unusual vibration or wear. Furthermore, he or she looks to detect any leaks that may be present, as they can damage the elevator if not fixed promptly. All electrical components must also be inspected to see if there are signs of failure or overheating, as catching these problems early can help to keep repair costs down. This portion of the inspection concludes with the technician lubricating any parts that need it.

Completion of the Inspection

Once the components have been checked, the technician continues with his or her task. The machine room must be checked, and any items not related to the elevator must be removed. This likewise helps to prevent issues. The oil level of the machine is checked and topped off if needed. Finally, the technician makes any adjustments that are required and schedules follow-up service. He or she then reviews the work completed with the property owner or their representative and makes recommendations as to future maintenance and service.

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