Why Bruxism Patients Need To Ensure That They Opt For Custom Dental Night Guards in Vancouver WA

Simply put, bruxism (teeth grinding at night) can be very painful for those who inadvertently do it. Not only do many bruxism patients experience jaw pain and an inability to sleep at night, but it can also lead to severe damage to your teeth. If this is happening to you, one of the best ways to correct this problem is by wearing a mouth guard when you go to sleep at night. If you’re not familiar with this device, a mouth guard is a dental device that you place in your mouth and fit over your teeth to protect them from becoming damaged if you start to grind your teeth. While you can purchase mouth guards at a pharmacy or drugstore, most patients are much better off having them custom-made by be dentist they see regularly. Here’s why a custom dental night guard is worth the investment for those with bruxism:

Accurate Fit

When you buy a mouth guard from your local drugstore, you are probably well aware that you are getting a one-size-fits-all solution. While this may be comfortable for a small portion of the population, it won’t be more comfortable than a night guard purchased from your dentist. This is because Custom Dental Night Guards in Vancouver WA are made from an impression of your teeth and bite, which means they fit much more accurately and usually won’t fall out at night.

Avoiding Additional Problems

Many bruxism patients are not even aware that buying a mass-produced mouth guard can lead to even more oral problems than they already have. Wearing Custom Dental Night Guards in Vancouver WA without a proper fit may lead to even more pain and additional issues with their teeth. For this reason, it’s best to get a professional night guard so that you can relieve pain instead of intensifying it.

Dealing with bruxism can be tough, but there are steps that patients can take to reduce their symptoms and prevent the damage that is done to the teeth when you grind them all night. If your bruxism is starting to result in pain or is damaging the quality of your smile, then it’s time to get serious about doing something about it. Contact the team of professionals at Lewis Family Dentistry to get more information about how a custom night guard can help you preserve your healthy teeth and ensure that you enjoy restful, pain-free sleep. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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