Why Businesses Rent Inflatables from a Chicago Inflatables Rental Company

Competing for the attention of customers can be tough. Businesses need to have something that will draw all eyes to their place of business. Inflatable balloons are a unique, eye-catching, and attention grabbing way to attract customers to your place of business.

Inflatable balloons come in many different shapes, colors, and designs. Whether placed on the roof, sidewalk, or front door of a business, these inflatable balloons will be sure to attract the attention of any person as they drive by. If you are thinking of attracting attention using inflatable balloons, consider renting them from a Chicago inflatables rental company.

There are a number of benefits that can come from using inflatable rentals in Chicago. The first benefit is the ability to not have to find storage space. The massive size of the inflatable balloons makes them extremely difficult to store when not blown up to full size.

Renting inflatable balloons from a Chicago inflatables rental company allows you to display the balloon during certain promotions, but not have to worry about storing the items when not in use. The rental company will come, set up the balloons, and take them back to their facility when not in use.

The second benefit that can come from using a Chicago inflatables rental company is you do not have to incur the cost to repair the balloons. Occasionally due to high winds or other weather related problems, inflatable balloons can get holes in them. Patching up these holes can be fair expensive depending upon where the hole is located on the balloon and the size of the hole.

A Chicago inflatables rental company will often offer some type of insurance on their balloons. This insurance protects the renter in the event a hole should occur on the balloon. The insurance will cover the cost of repairs or the need to purchase a whole new balloon if the inflatable is beyond repair.

The third benefit that can come from renting an inflatable balloon from a rental company is it is cost effective. Purchasing an inflatable balloon can be extremely expensive. Businesses that only wish to use it for a single promotion may be able to save money by renting the inflatable balloon, instead of purchasing it.

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