Why choose a professional laundry service?

Doing the laundry is not one of the most eagerly anticipated chores of the week. In homes across the country, the endless stream of laundry can become a real headache. Imagine then, that you are a business owner and have the responsibility of providing clean uniforms for an ever expanding workforce. Just like some businesses would send their fleet of vehicles out to be professionally valeted so to are businesses relying on the services of professional laundry companies. It is always good to have your workforce looking smart and presentable. By using a professional laundry service you can ensure that this will always be the case. There are numerous companies providing a laundry service in Syracuse, NY. Take advantage of their experience and expertise and ensure your staff look the best they can. There are a number of benefits in outsourcing your laundry to a professional company.


As mentioned previously, there are many companies providing a laundry service in Syracuse, NY. This means that it is always easy and convenient for you to have your laundry cleaned professionally. Companies offering this service will collect and return all your laundry. This will enable you to concentrate fully on another area of your business. All the time and hassle spent doing your own laundry will become a thing of the past.

Speed and cost

Most companies offering laundry services will aim to have your laundry cleaned and returned to your premises within forty eight hours. If you have a large amount of laundry to clean and only limited laundry cleaning facilities at your business premises it may take you a number of days to fully complete your laundry batch. By which point it may be time for another batch to be cleaned!

Professional laundry companies complete hundreds of batches of laundry every day. They have excellent laundry facilities and are able to buy equipment and washing products in bulk. They are therefore able to provide a laundry service for a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time compared to if you were cleaning the laundry on your own premises.

Professionally cleaned

Professional laundry services have years and years of experience. They know exactly how to clean laundry to the highest of standards. The result being that your laundry will be returned to you in impeccable condition. By choosing a professional laundry service you are essentially ensuring that your staff will always be presentable, in clean uniforms resulting in a very good impression to customers and prospective clients. Why not sample the services of a professional laundry service? Then you will see the benefits for yourself.

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