Why Choose RCP Pipe for Your Project?

While concrete is popular, as is precast concrete, technology continues to improve its abilities. In today’s market, some products continue to ascend in acceptance. Reinforced concrete pipe or RCP is a product in high demand on the global market. Locally, it is a staple in states from Alabama to Utah. It has achieved this status for many reasons.


Concrete pipes hold their lofty position in engineering and construction for logical reasons. Their qualities ensure they remain in demand. RCPs offer the same characteristics but amplified, as a result of technological advances in this field. Among the many reasons given by Alabama professionals for a preference for RCPs are the following:

  • Easy to install: Workers can easily and quickly place RCPs into position due to the mass and rigidity of the material – all without disrupting either the grade or the line.
  • Durability: RCP pipe is field tested and proven. It does not burn buckle deflect, rust or tear.
  • Longevity: Some engineering statistics place the material’s lifespan between 70 and 100 years.
  • Watertight
  • Load supporting: It can support almost any load produced on and above the pipe.
  • Size availability: Diameter and pipe strength sizes for RCP are virtually unlimited.
  • Low Maintenance

The ability to cast cement into specific shapes for diverse products is cost-effective. Moreover, more money can be saved for labor since the level of skill it requires is lower than that for installing steel.

RCP Pipe

Worldwide, concrete remains a popular construction material. It retains its position because of its desirable qualities. Among the diverse products produced from concrete, RCP pipe continues to experience market leverage. In Alabama, for example, engineers continue to use RCPs because of its structural strength, durability and proven structural strength. It is a known quantity in a world where too often proven structural strength may be in question.

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