Why Glass Shower Doors?


At the mention of the words ‘shower doors’ you are probably asking yourself the question why glass? For a long time, homeowners have been made to believe that all doors have to be made from wood. That has been the norm for ages. So any suggestion that glass doors should be used in the home can raise eyebrows-to some. “Wouldn’t the glass break?” you may ask, “And wouldn’t it deny me the much needed privacy in the bathroom?” All these are legitimate concerns.

But one thing you need to understand about glass shower doors is that they are not as weak as people think they are. As a matter of fact, some type of glass could even be stronger than wood. Take tempered glass for instance or laminated glass, can you really refer to these glasses as weak? Laminated glass – as the name suggests – is lined with a thin layer of plastic in between which is bonded under heat and pressure. The process of making tempered glass involves extreme heat and rapid cooling which forms a form of glass that is up to five times stronger than normal glass and is heat resistant.

On the issue of privacy, did you know that Atlanta shower doors made from laminated glass provide a higher sound insulation than wooden doors? This could mean that the affairs of the bathroom can actually be kept more private – as they should be- with glass doors. If you like to enhance your singing prowess while taking a shower, then suit yourself. You can be sure that you wouldn’t be interrupting anybody. About glass being transparent, I am sure you know that it can be translucent as well. There are even tinted windows so privacy shouldn’t be much of an issue. If anything, it is enhanced with the use of glass doors.

Another answer to ‘why glass shower doors?’ is that they are durable. Yes, glass can last much longer than wood, especially when exposed to a lot of water. We all know that wood starts to rot when exposed to water – well, glass doesn’t. It maintains its shape and strength even when exposed to liquids. You have all the reason to opt for Atlanta shower doors made of glass.

Glass shower doors are also affordable. Whoever said that glass is expensive lied. A wooden door could be more expensive than glass – especially if made from hard wood. On the issue of cost, glass doors are generally cheaper in the long run since their durability implies that they wouldn’t need constant replacements. To crown it all, glass usually bespeaks elegance and class. That is a fact. It’s no wonder that the fanciest mugs and kitchen ware are made of glass.

So there are many justifications for preferring Atlanta shower doors made of glass over wooden doors. This list is not exhaustive. Just visit glass dealers and you will know a whole lot of things that you didn’t know about glass.

You have all the reason to prefer glassAtlanta shower doors and table tops over wooden ones. Glass is usually classy and durable. Visit our website for more information.

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