Why Granite Is Often Used to Create Kitchen Countertops in Johnson County MO

Like homeowners all over the U.S. Johnson County residents often upgrade homes instead of moving. Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects and is often centered on replacement countertops. Although homeowners can choose from a range of modern materials, many install granite kitchen countertops in Johnson County, MO homes during upgrades. Granite is affordable, offers timeless beauty, and is simple to keep clean.

Granite Is Budget Friendly

Clients often install granite kitchen countertops in Johnson County, MO homes when they want a premium material that also affordable. Although it is considered a high-end product, granite only costs between $40 and $200 a square foot, installed. Although not a bargain-basement price, it compares favorably with other upscale counter materials. The stone is also considered one of the most affordable because counters normally last for 30 years or longer.

It Is Easy to Design Around Granite

Homeowners also choose granite for their countertops because it has a classic elegance that goes with any decorating theme. Contractors also offer a huge range of color and pattern choices. The slabs that become granite countertops take on the unique looks of the stones they were cut from.

Customers typically choose their own granite, and contractors then shape it into the chosen countertops. Most clients get inspiration by visiting supplier websites like.

Durable Granite Is Easy to Maintain

Granite is not only beautiful; but it is also simple to maintain and very sturdy. The stone is naturally hard, and contractors add an extra protective coating to countertops during installation. Finished surfaces resist scratching and nicks. Homeowners can place heavy, hot pans directly onto counters without harming them. The messiest counters can be cleaned with soap and water.

Granite counters are non-porous, so they do not collect bacteria or dirt. That makes them especially sanitary. If they should be damaged, contractors can easily make seamless repairs.

Homeowners often replace original countertops with granite to increase property values and add a touch of elegance. The eye-catching material is also sturdy and sanitary. It is easy to maintain granite counters, which do not need a lot of upkeep to retain their beauty.

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