Why Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Sidney, OH, is the Right Move

After months of counseling, it is obvious to both partners that the marriage should not continue. While there is no real animosity, it pays to seek legal help with all the details surrounding a divorce. Each party should hire a divorce lawyer in Sidney, OH, even when the two people involved have no hard feelings toward one another.

Understanding Divorce Laws

Divorce laws can vary from one jurisdiction to the next. At times, the range of grounds for filing can seem a little confusing. By choosing to engage legal counsel, it is much easier to learn more about those laws and settle on grounds that are relevant to the couple. Having a divorce lawyer in Sidney, OH, who can explain how the process works will remove a lot of the confusion and make it easier to move forward with ending the marriage.

The Division of Property

Even when the divorce is amicable, it is not unusual for couples to hit a snag when it comes to dividing the marital assets. In this scenario, the legal counsel for each party can help iron out any issues that may arise. Ultimately the goal is to ensure each party leaves the marriage with a fair share of assets. This may take some negotiating and compromise on the part of each spouse. With the lawyers present, the chances of being able to work out an equitable settlement are much greater.

Taking Care of the Children

If the couple has children still living at home, the court will be concerned about their care. To that end, the legal counsel will help work out a plan that allows the children to continue spending time with each parent. One party will be named the custodial parent and provide a permanent home for the kids. The other party will serve as the non-custodial parent and provide financial support that may include benefits like health insurance. Visitation arrangements will also be part of the structured custody plan, ensuring the kids continue to have access to each parent.

For anyone who believes a divorce is the only practical solution, contact Business Name. today. After the first consultation, it will be possible to prepare the papers and ensure that every detail is addressed properly.

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