Why Homeowners Choose Custom Shower Doors in Santa Clarita, CA

When deciding on the design for Custom Shower Doors in Santa Clarita CA, homeowners will want to view some online photo galleries or visit showrooms to see fully installed doors they are considering. This helps them visualize how those products will look in their own master bath or other bathroom. A product that looks appealing in a catalog may have a different aesthetic effect after it’s installed.

Reasons for Choosing Custom Shower Doors

This type of installation commonly is part of a full bathroom renovation. The household may be having a bathtub removed and a standalone shower installed instead. They want the shower space to be much larger than the bathtub area allowed.

Custom doors are chosen when homeowners find it difficult to get something that fits into the space they have decided on for a shower in a bathroom renovation. They may have decided on a unique shower design, such as one that ends in a triangle in a corner for the drain. Pre-made doors may not be available for the size they have chosen for the opposite side.

Another reason for the custom door is when the household cannot find any products that match all their preferences. They want a certain type of material, finish, style, and frame, but no manufacturer makes a product with their specifications.

Framed and Frameless Versions

Custom Shower Doors in Santa Clarita CA can be installed with frames or in frameless versions. Frameless shower enclosures look sleeker without the extra hardware. However, some frames are actually quite lovely in design. The homeowners may want to pay extra attention to this part of the purchase. They can even have frames custom-built in the material and color of their choice.

Of course, some men and women opt for frames because of the lower cost compared when with frameless installation, and they may prefer frames that are very understated in design so people don’t really notice the hardware. Either kind of installation can be accomplished by a contractor such as Palmdale Glass & Mirror Co. Anyone thinking about this kind of project may visit their website to learn more.

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